Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday & Awww Cute Puppy Day!

TGIF!! The last couple of weeks have been super uber busy for me. I was sick a few days which put me behind especially on following people back so if you are a new follower within the last week please be assured that I will follow you back within the next few days, promise :) 

A lot of exciting things have been happening too. I've won a few giveaways which I will share with you in future postings. Also, I have been working hard on getting together 6 upcoming reviews along with 2 great giveaways, so far, which will be my first company sponsored reviews and giveaways so I'm extremely excited! Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter, "like" me on facebook & follow me on twitter so you won't miss out on these upcoming posts! 

Now on to the good stuff...

Awww Cute Puppy Day!

Well, I have gotten my quota of puppy kisses already today, which was met probably around 8 am, lol. Our little Princess Abby is now 4 months old weighing in at a whopping 6 lbs! She has now had all her shots so we are looking forward to enrolling her in puppy school, taking her to the beauty salon, and helping her make new friends :) 
This morning we went out for a walk, played and ate breakfast. She had a full belly and was just chillin' by the time I took this picture. Isn't she just the cutest puppy ever :)

A couple of weeks ago it was a winter wonderland here and all Princess Abby wanted to do was play in the snow! We got about 6 plus inches so when she stepped in the snow we almost lost her, lol! Here are some cute pictures of her having fun. 


She was rockin' her cute pink ski coat and the pink booties that I showed y'all a couple of weeks ago, although you can't see them because her little paws are buried deep in snow!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Mary said...

If i has a Shiatsu (forgive me if I spelled shiatsu wrong) I would dress it up also. I have a nice lab/beagle mix, so no dressing up! She would just chew it off anyway!
Happy Friday.


MrsPhilipswithoneL said...

She is the cutest things:) I love her little tuft of white hair. What kind of doggy is she? Thank you for following my blog. I am now following via GFC and I emailed subscribed. Your blog looks great can't wait to read more.
Having Fun Blogging