Saturday, May 14, 2011

Co-hosting the Tuesday's Blog Hop! Come link-up!

Tuesday's Blog Hop
Feel Free to Ad This Blog Hop Button On Your Blog to help promote the Hop
to get more participants!  The more participants, the more followers for everyone!

You simply add your blogs name and link below.  In return, you are to follow the host (ChicnSavvy Reviews) of the blog hop.   The blogs you follow will  follow you back just make sure you leave a comment so that the blog owner knows you were there. Also if you don't follow back, please don't sign up. This is to help boost our traffic and followers on our blogs, and I want it to be effective and fun! 

Follow Me the HOST (ChicnSavvy Reviews)  and the CO-HOST ( Misty's Thoughts  Too) leave a comment after signing up with the blog hop! I will return the favor and follow you back.

This hop will start at 5 p.m. On Monday and Run till Midnight on Tuesday!


PrettyPaper Mom said...

Your newest follower from the blog hop! Feel free to check out mine at

Mary said...

Thanks for hosting New follower

Lexie Lane said...

Hi! Newest follower!

Please come visit us at voiceBoks - The Voice of Motherhood and find out what everyone's saying, doing, etc. There, you'll also meet a really great group of wonderful women who love to connect and meet new people.

Have a lovely week!

Take Care,

Lexie Lane

P.S. Please come and join our year long Hop with Hopper Strategized when you have a chance!

Kat said...

What a bright and beautiful day to join a blog hop!

Just popping by to say hello and follow your blog!

I'm Kat the author/editor of The Vivification of Mrs. Moment (MrsMoment.Com). VMM is a A blossoming community of storytellers weaving true tales about fleeting moments that touch our lives in incalculable ways. Plus, excerpts from my odd little life.

Stop by, get involved, tell a story, and follow back. We love to welcome new writers into our community.

Peace and illumination,


DeyiMizu said...

Already followed you

Mimi @ DeyiMizu Beauty Blog