Saturday, May 14, 2011

GRR to Blogger

As many people trying to click on links, and many Bloggers using Google Blogger platform knows, it's been giving us fits over the past few days, going down constantly, being only in read-mode.  For that, I'm sorry...we bloggers could do nothing but watch our blogs from the outside in.  Every now and in, a blogger would get a rare chance to add one post, then down again.  But alas, YAYS, it appears it's up and fixed and double YAYS!  I just wanted to drop in and explain why no new posts at all could be seen.  Some people were telling me in person or emails that they thought my site was messing up and I probably should look into it and see if I could fix it, lol (that was nice of them tho, letting me know just in case it was something else), Was it down? yes and no...not the sites themselves, just the platform our sites are on.  All 'appears' to be well now....fingers crossed.